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* WIP PKGBUILD...betabrent s2016-06-252-7/+58
* fixing sha512 checksum..brent s2016-06-192-7/+7
* fixing typobrent s2016-06-182-5/+5
* bumping for xxd build dep, fixing binary linkbrent s2016-06-174-11/+7
* updating gitignoresbrent s2016-04-072-1/+2
* GPG support donebrent s2016-04-066-13/+26
* adding gitignore, updating to sha512sumsbrent s2016-04-063-13/+28
* adding fix to launcherbrent s2016-03-173-5/+12
* oops. forgot to add my mksrsinfo hookbrent s2015-07-281-2/+2
* Adding jansson, removing svgalib because it's super broken and probably not n...brent s2015-07-281-2/+2
* initial commitbrent s2015-06-086-0/+162