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mastermanual updatebrent s2 years
v2_rewritehashing is donebrent s33 hours
0.1.10AIF-NG-0.1.10.tar.xz  brent s3 years
0.1.0AIF-NG-0.1.0.tar.xz  brent s3 years
0.0.1-BETAAIF-NG-0.0.1-BETA.tar.xz  brent s3 years
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33 hourshashing is donev2_rewritebrent s3-9/+73
35 hoursfuture proofing is good, but...brent s24-156/+156
35 hoursXML validation is a LOT cleaner nowbrent s7-49/+259
2 daysokay, some minor changes to the XML stuff. getting therebrent s8-1244/+103
6 daysrestructure this a bit, and timezone donebrent s5-6/+31
6 daysservices done. that was easy!brent s4-2/+64
6 daysusers is donebrent s2-10/+91
6 daysusers *almost* donebrent s2-104/+200
7 daysi'll get there one daybrent s1-1/+1
7 dayswhoopsbrent s1-3/+2