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- how to support mdadm, lvm?
- support serverside "autoconfig"- a mechanism to let servers automatically generate xml build configs. e.g.:
kernel ... aif_url="https://build.domain.tld/aif-ng.php" auto=yes
- would yield the *client* sending info via URL params, e.g.
- https://build.domain.tld/aif-ng.php?disk[]=sda&disk[]=sdb&disk[sda]=300GB&disk[sdb]=500GB
+ would yield the *client* sending info via URL params (actually, this might be better as a JSON POST, since we already have a way to generate JSON. sort of.),
+ e.g. https://build.domain.tld/aif-ng.php?disk[]=sda&disk[]=sdb&disk[sda]=300GB&disk[sdb]=500GB (can have it so that the autoconfig is only supported clientside if pyyaml is installed)
or something like that.
- parser: make sure to use fix
- convert use of confobj or whatever to maybe be suitable to use webFetch instead. LOTS of duplicated code there.
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run on /mnt/aif/run type tmpfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,mode=755)
tmp on /mnt/aif/tmp type tmpfs (rw,nosuid,nodev)
-DOCUMENTATION: (and note sample yaml as well)
-also need to add users, xgroups, etc. etc. etc. into the getOpts
+DOCUMENTATION: (and note sample json as well)
+-finish genXML() or whatever i call it
+-add <mirrorlist><mirror><mirror/><mirrorlist/> support- to both the config run and the XML generator
also create:
-create boot media with bdisk since default arch doesn't even have python 3
-- this is.. sort of? done. but iPXE/mini build is failing, need to investigate why
+-- i tihnk i fixed iPXE but i need to generate another one once 1.5 is released