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* aif-config is... done?0.1.10brent s2017-05-151-32/+122
* holy cats. xml generation's almost donebrent s2017-05-151-24/+201
* client's coming along well, and have a working expect script to automate test...brent s2017-05-141-68/+85
* hoo man. heads up, those password hashes are all just "test"brent s2017-05-141-76/+100
* having a view function is stupid, and cleaning up some things with the valida...brent s2017-05-131-22/+25
* debugging some verifying errors...brent s2017-05-131-2/+49
* okay. opts done. need to work on the other functionality now. still untested.brent s2017-05-131-2/+55
* ALMOST done... the conf-gathering part. the rest should be a breeze compared ...brent s2017-05-131-2/+210
* check-inbrent s2017-05-121-3/+133
* commiting sample JSON input file fir aif-config.pybrent s2017-05-111-21/+46
* config tool's sort of done. still need to actually generate xml from the conf...brent s2017-05-111-27/+74
* don't need thesebrent s2017-05-091-2/+0
* beginnings of aif-config toolbrent s2017-05-091-15/+136
* beginnings of a conf generatorbrent s2017-05-071-0/+177