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* RIP d00dbash_OBSOLETEr00t2016-12-041-0/+7
* minor modificationsr00t2016-11-141-0/+6
* updating package list, minor tweak to mk chrootr00t2016-09-263-8/+8
* added instructions for submitting patchv2.70r00t2016-07-091-0/+7
* updating mirrorlistr00t2016-07-091-5/+5
* updating patches, tweaks, etc.r00t2016-07-047-65/+52
* updating, adding some package fixesv2.63r00t2016-04-303-0/+8
* updating docsv2.62r00t2016-04-272-12/+35
* adding key for my packagesr00t2016-04-071-0/+1
* fixing this stupid fucking patch. gorram whitespace tabs gorram itv2.61r00t2016-03-022-27/+28
* updating patch...r00t2016-03-018-20/+41
* updating package list with some temporary workarounds (my customizepkg-script...v2.60r00t2016-02-2512-53/+68
* ipxe update, packages updater00t2016-01-102-1/+1
* fixing buildv2.51r00t2015-10-023-6/+8
* updating TODO, etc.r00t2015-09-264-7/+10
* hrmm.. gpg throwing errors and killing chrootr00t2015-09-2310-15/+151
* adding some gitignores in prep for SSL support in iPXEr00t2015-09-181-0/+3
* POINT RELEASE: all distros listed done testingv2.50r00t2015-09-035-4/+5
* workaround for importing some SUSE vars...r00t2015-08-314-6/+14
* some updates from testing..r00t2015-08-2912-12/+29
* point updater00t2015-08-2713-356/+20
* successful buildr00t2015-08-254-10/+3
* oops.r00t2015-08-2410-494/+0
* checking in before test build and tagr00t2015-08-2411-1/+499
* new patches...r00t2015-08-215-40/+47
* checking inr00t2015-08-171-0/+7
* fixing some runtime and http stuffr00t2015-08-054-9/+6
* fixing blank passwords per build.conf and updating ipxe src checkoutr00t2015-08-042-2/+2
* Merge branch 'master' of
| * fixing filesr00t2015-08-031-0/+1
| * fixing some naming stuffz...r00t2015-08-036-12/+354
* | mergingr00t2015-08-033-1/+343
* fedora passes. also discovered bug- AUR4's missing some packages. TODO: port ...r00t2015-07-303-7/+8
* devuan and elementary not supported- non-systemd chrooting broken atmr00t2015-07-304-4/+4
* Merge branch 'master' of
| * updating ipxe sources. fingers crossed patches still work, haven't tested yet.brent s2015-07-241-0/+0
| * adding some backup packages, disabling untested distrosv2.01brent s2015-07-2413-15/+30
* | centos testedr00t2015-07-308-4/+40
* | squashfs3-tools shouldn't be necessary... which is good, because it isn't wor...r00t2015-07-231-1/+0
* | updating apacmanr00t2015-07-232-0/+0
* some minor modifications..r00t2015-07-233-3/+6
* oops. forgot the noconfirm for haveged.r00t2015-07-223-3/+3
* FINALLY. testing cross-distro after many tweaks. also switched to github mirr...v2.00r00t2015-07-219-21/+25
* i'm a dumb.r00t2015-07-1717-45/+149
* now during testing...r00t2015-07-177-13/+89
* adding baseline pkgsr00t2015-07-166-40/+77
* mageia/(open)?SUSE pkgs list done, untested. also, i am an idiot.v1.60r00t2015-07-165-17/+76
* gentoo pkgs list done, untestedr00t2015-07-163-1/+39
* Fedora pkgs list done, added elementaryOS. both untested.r00t2015-07-164-1/+21
* Debian, Devuan, Ubuntu, etc. pkgs list done- untestedr00t2015-07-163-0/+33