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* whew! docs finished. 3.00 beta is DONE!featuresr00t2016-12-3016-253/+284
* documentation check-in...r00t2016-12-307-40/+114
* documentation checkinr00t2016-12-299-8/+136
* more documentation...r00t2016-12-2714-45/+184
* tweak fixin's, documentationr00t2016-12-2624-100/+255
* before refactoring reference linksr00t2016-12-265-5/+6
* whoop, fixing package listr00t2016-12-231-0/+331
* WHEW. booting now all fixed for all implementations. can probably get that iP...r00t2016-12-2310-909/+124
* periodic checkinr00t2016-12-2212-350/+294
* working on the boot problem. also, documentationr00t2016-12-2010-8/+278
* doc updates... meanwhile, it doesn't boot, complaining about not finding the ...r00t2016-12-1917-16/+817
* updating documentation...r00t2016-12-1916-49/+124
* err.. booting's broken?r00t2016-12-199-24/+98
* finishing up booting/burning/flashing docs for netbootr00t2016-12-198-188/+101
* oops.r00t2016-12-182-4/+2
* updating docs; minor tweaks in bGPG and ipxe.r00t2016-12-1811-11/+66
* another quick testr00t2016-12-171-1/+1
* little minor addition (mostly to test some hooks)r00t2016-12-171-1/+3
* working on some docsr00t2016-12-178-3/+77
* fixed iPXE mini image. merging into master.r00t2016-12-1716-886/+176
* think i might have something working. ipxe untested still.r00t2016-12-1711-115/+238
* final checkin for the nightr00t2016-12-163-15/+44
* checking in while i do some researchr00t2016-12-166-56/+159
* sigh. efi doesn't boot on the mini. also, switch to pygpgme instead of gnupg ...r00t2016-12-155-84/+19
* fingers crossed... testing buildr00t2016-12-144-35/+178
* some new features to testr00t2016-12-142-26/+23
* yay! iPXE fixed. but i can definitely implement the usb and iso better by hand.r00t2016-12-143-13/+20
* fixing versioningr00t2016-12-141-5/+4
* fixing some things...r00t2016-12-142-2/+4
* builds successfully. however, still working through some bugs with iPXE.r00t2016-12-1325-387/+227
* sync confirmed working. still need to test iPXE builds.r00t2016-12-114-12/+19
* minor tweaks, testing syncing... if it passes, it gets a 3.10 tagr00t2016-12-1117-512/+120
* checking in some fixes- testing syncing functionsr00t2016-12-103-8/+21
* adding syncs. untested still though.r00t2016-12-092-0/+184
* ipxe building, ssl pki builds. untested with ssl-integrated iPXE though.r00t2016-12-097-73/+77
* yay! SSL gen works.r00t2016-12-065-189/+261
* untested, but geeenerally i think i'm done with the basics for ipxe and ssl.r00t2016-12-064-26/+110
* preliminary work for SSL support in iPXE. untested and probably not currently...r00t2016-12-047-74/+446
* promoting python_rewrite to masterr00t2016-12-040-0/+0
| * minor modificationsr00t2016-11-141-0/+6
| * updating package list, minor tweak to mk chrootr00t2016-09-263-8/+8
| * added instructions for submitting patchv2.70r00t2016-07-091-0/+7
| * updating mirrorlistr00t2016-07-091-5/+5
| * updating patches, tweaks, etc.r00t2016-07-047-65/+52
| * updating, adding some package fixesv2.63r00t2016-04-303-0/+8
| * updating docsv2.62r00t2016-04-272-12/+35
| * adding key for my packagesr00t2016-04-071-0/+1
| * fixing this stupid fucking patch. gorram whitespace tabs gorram itv2.61r00t2016-03-022-27/+28
| * updating patch...r00t2016-03-018-20/+41
| * updating package list with some temporary workarounds (my customizepkg-script...v2.60r00t2016-02-2512-53/+68