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masterworks! yaybrent s10 days
kant_0.9OpTools-kant_0.9.tar.xz  brent s9 months
with_open_failingOpTools-with_open_failing.tar.xz  brent s10 months
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10 daysworks! yayHEADmasterbrent s1-0/+111
2018-05-21thanks, amayer!brent s1-1/+1
2018-05-08a little simplification and minor TODO-ingbrent s1-7/+20
2018-05-08aaaand pubkey parsing added as well. i think this is Done(TM)brent s1-4/+12
2018-05-08change this to something more aproposbrent s1-17/+17
2018-05-08fixing URL parsingbrent s1-8/+4
2018-05-08fixing small bugbrent s1-80/+87
2018-05-08adding ascii ref links and ssl_tls/certparser.pybrent s2-0/+452
2018-05-05todo, cleaning up timestamp filebrent s1-1/+3
2018-05-05actually, throw a .txt on there so it plays nicely with MIMEbrent s1-1/+2