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* intermediary commitbrent s2018-02-135-1/+6180
* checking in all work done so far because what if my SSD dies?brent s2017-11-185-112/+67
* cleverness (mostly) confirmed. exploiting bugs in cmd.exe for fun and pretty ...brent s2017-11-171-36/+24
* is a clever hack only clever if it works? 🤔 (re: color codes)brent s2017-11-171-25/+190
* pushing for external testingbrent s2017-11-143-36/+38
* i'm about to totally re-do how i'm approaching SSH tunneling, sooo...brent s2017-11-135-0/+1458
* updating todosbrent s2017-10-121-1/+2
* whew, mumble user cert hashing done.brent s2017-10-122-0/+90
* ...we don't need to restart for ls operationsbrent s2017-10-101-2/+3
* we need to restart murmur if we're updating the db directly, so in the future...brent s2017-10-102-1/+5
* basic functionality. editing still not there, but it's Usable(TM)brent s2017-10-102-0/+450