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package gokwallet
import (
var (
ErrNotInitialized will be triggered if attempting to interact with an object that has not been properly initialized.
Notably, in most/all cases this means that it was not created via a New<object> func (for instance,
this would lead to a Wallet missing a handler).
It is intended as a safety check (so that you don't accidentally delete a wallet with e.g. a handler of 0 when
trying to delete a different wallet).
It's mostly a placeholder for more specific errors.
ErrNotInitialized error = errors.New("object not properly initialized")
ErrOperationFailed is a generic failure message that will occur of a Dbus operation returns non-success.
It is a placeholder for more specific messages.
ErrOperationFailed error = errors.New("a Dbus operation has failed to execute successfully")
ErrNoCreate is triggered if attempting to create an item (Folder, Password, etc.) but it fails.
It is a placeholder for more specific messages.
ErrNoCreate error = errors.New("failed to create an object")
// ErrNoDisconnect can occur if trying to disconnect a Wallet from a WalletManager/application and a failure occurs.
ErrNoDisconnect error = errors.New("failed to disconnect wallet from application")
// ErrInvalidMap will get triggered if a populated map[string]string (even an empty one) is expected but a nil is received.
ErrInvalidMap error = errors.New("invalid map; cannot be nil")
// Dbus Operation failures.
var (
// ErrDbusOpfailNoHandle returns when attempting to open a Wallet and assign to Wallet.handle but received a nil handle.
ErrDbusOpfailNoHandle error = errors.New("a wallet handler request returned nil")
// ErrDbusOpfailRemoveFolder occurs when attempting to delete/remove a Folder from a Wallet but it did not complete successfully.
ErrDbusOpfailRemoveFolder error = errors.New("failed to remove/delete a Folder from a Wallet")
// Initialization errors. They are more "detailed" ErrNotInitialized errors.
var (
// ErrInitWM occurs if a WalletManager is not initialized properly.
ErrInitWM error = errors.New("a WalletManager was not properly initialized")
// ErrInitWallet occurs if a Wallet is not initialized properly.
ErrInitWallet error = errors.New("a Wallet was not properly initialized")
// ErrInitFolder occurs if a Folder is not initialized properly.
ErrInitFolder error = errors.New("a Folder was not properly initialized")
// ErrInitBlob occurs if a Blob is not initialized properly.
ErrInitBlob error = errors.New("a Blob was not properly initialized")
// ErrInitMap occurs if a Map is not initialized properly.
ErrInitMap error = errors.New("a Map was not properly initialized")
// ErrInitPassword occurs if a Password is not initialized properly.
ErrInitPassword error = errors.New("a Password was not properly initialized")
// ErrInitUnknownItem occurs if an UnknownItem is not initialized properly.
ErrInitUnknownItem error = errors.New("an UnknownItem was not properly initialized")